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Pakistani pop music was born on the day when four young, clean-cut, jeans-clad boys ventured on to Pakistani television screens with their guitars and a catchy patriotic song in 1986. Result? Instant uproar in cheers and celebration in the country. It was something completely new in a society struggling to come to terms with the censorship imposed by a repressive military dictatorship and the narrow, ideologically defined limits of state culture. The four young boys, their music and their behaviour smacked of Western influences and they represented a youth culture heretofore denied any representation on the staid state channel. While the young hailed them as a breath of fresh air in a stultifying environment, to the older defenders of public morality the four boys represented all that was wrong with the youth of the day: "illiterate of their own culture, interested in slavishly aping the West, and wasting their time in frivolous pursuits rather than becoming respected citizens of society." Little did either side suspect at the time that the Vital Signs, which these boys fancifully called themselves, and their song, "Dil Dil Pakistan", would signal the start of the music revolution in Pakistan.

Najam Sheraz(Mainu Teray Naal)

1 Mera Yaar Naal Mail Karaday Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
2 Meri Aankhon Main Samayee Ek Ladki Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
3 Mainoo Teray Naal Ho Gia Pyar Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
4 Hamara Tumhara Yeh Jo Mail Hai Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
5 Aaj Ki Raat Bohot Kali Hai Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
6 Sub Kuch Tumhara Hai Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
7 Ek Udan Khatola Aayega Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
8 Mera Dil Udaas Hai Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
9 Chod Ker Mujhay Darmian Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
10 Kajla Kajla Teri Aanhon Key Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song
11 Mera Pyar Karan Da Dil Karda Najam Seraz Pop Pakistani Song




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